X Japan Tribute

24 May

From now on, Otaku Buzz will be posting, as much as possible, all the X Japan live videos and songs. This is for all the X Japan fans out th


Lee Hyo Ri’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV

24 May

OB: Hyori-noona is an alien in this video. Her costumes seem Lady Gaga-ish. But she nails it like the diva she is. Heheh. ^^

Great job on the come back, Hyori-noona! Fighting!


24 May

OB: Thunder’s singing now. hah! Although I think there’s too much drums in the background and their voices are good enough, why the autotone? But I guess that’s what’s called for in this song.

Well, enjoy this video people! ^^

Big Bang’s Tell Me Goodbye

24 May

Big Bang’s new single. This is the OST for the Japanese dubbed Korean drama IRIS.


13 May

Looks like we forgot this blog. teheh. Don’t worry, we’ll be resuming posting now. ^^ Enjoy!

Resume posting

24 Dec

Otaku Buzz will resume on January 2010. Please bear with us. Thanks!

Otaku Lyrics for YOU

29 Oct

We are now putting up a lyrics library. We will start with our faves and hopefully expand to other artists as well.

We will also put the mp3s and download links to the songs (if possible).

You can request a song and we will try and find it for you.

Please love us more in the future! ♥