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24 May

OB: Thunder’s singing now. hah! Although I think there’s too much drums in the background and their voices are good enough, why the autotone? But I guess that’s what’s called for in this song.

Well, enjoy this video people! ^^


MBLAQ, the newest boy group in Korea!

24 Oct

MBLAQ‘s OH YEAH best performance (Oct. 24, 2009).

MBLAQ is the newest boy group in Korea. MBLAQ means Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality.

Oh Yeah is their debut song.

Bi (Rain) is their trainer and producer.

Thunder, the guy on the farthest right is Sandara Park‘s (2NE1) little brother.

OB: We have high hopes for this group! We want to see more of them in the future! Go, MBLAQ!