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Rain(Bi) Releases New Song!

25 May

Wonder Girls: 2 Different Tears Live!

25 May

OB: They’re back!

Lee Hyo Ri’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV

24 May

OB: Hyori-noona is an alien in this video. Her costumes seem Lady Gaga-ish. But she nails it like the diva she is. Heheh. ^^

Great job on the come back, Hyori-noona! Fighting!


24 May

OB: Thunder’s singing now. hah! Although I think there’s too much drums in the background and their voices are good enough, why the autotone? But I guess that’s what’s called for in this song.

Well, enjoy this video people! ^^

Big Bang’s Tell Me Goodbye

24 May

Big Bang’s new single. This is the OST for the Japanese dubbed Korean drama IRIS.

2009 Asian Song Festival

28 Oct

Video courtesy of Arirang.

8th Asian Song Festival: Asia As One

Various performances of K-otic, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, 2NE1, Big Bang, V6, Gackt, Agnes Monica, etc.

OB: Here are the videos.  Enjoy! ^^