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Kazuhiko Kato Commits Suicide

27 Oct


Musician Kazuhiko Kato was found dead on Saturday last week, having committed suicide. He was 62.

According to police, Kato had previously hinted at the desire to kill himself to an acquaintance and had been missing and unreachable since last Thursday. He had checked into a hotel in the Nagano Prefecture town of Karuizawa for one night and on the Saturday morning, an acquaintance phoned the hotel, saying that she was unable to reach his mobile phone. Police and hotel staff found Kato hanging in the bathroom of his hotel room, along with two suicide notes.

Kato was a music producer as well as a musician and also wrote songs for other artists. He released several hit songs both with the bands The Folk Crusadrers and Sadistic Mika Band, as well as in his solo career. His death is a great shock and he will be sorely missed.