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Otaku Lyrics for YOU

29 Oct

We are now putting up a lyrics library. We will start with our faves and hopefully expand to other artists as well.

We will also put the mp3s and download links to the songs (if possible).

You can request a song and we will try and find it for you.

Please love us more in the future! ♥


2009 Asian Song Festival

28 Oct

Video courtesy of Arirang.

8th Asian Song Festival: Asia As One

Various performances of K-otic, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, 2NE1, Big Bang, V6, Gackt, Agnes Monica, etc.

OB: Here are the videos.  Enjoy! ^^

2NE1 Park Bom’s First Solo Single

28 Oct

Bom’s first solo single.

YG said that this will be included in 2NE1’s major album when it gets released.

OB: It has a cute but sad video but it’s really nice.

Big Bang: Let Me Hear Your Voice

28 Oct

The newest song from YG’s Big Bang.

This is in Japanese and you’ll get to hear GD and TOP rap in English.

OB: GD’s English is perfect! Go Big Bang!

Kazuhiko Kato Commits Suicide

27 Oct


Musician Kazuhiko Kato was found dead on Saturday last week, having committed suicide. He was 62.

According to police, Kato had previously hinted at the desire to kill himself to an acquaintance and had been missing and unreachable since last Thursday. He had checked into a hotel in the Nagano Prefecture town of Karuizawa for one night and on the Saturday morning, an acquaintance phoned the hotel, saying that she was unable to reach his mobile phone. Police and hotel staff found Kato hanging in the bathroom of his hotel room, along with two suicide notes.

Kato was a music producer as well as a musician and also wrote songs for other artists. He released several hit songs both with the bands The Folk Crusadrers and Sadistic Mika Band, as well as in his solo career. His death is a great shock and he will be sorely missed.


flumpool Album

27 Oct


Pop-rock band flumpool have set the release of their very first full album, called What’s flumpool!?, for December 23rd.

What’s flumpool!? will have a total o Continue reading

YUI To Write Song Based On “Attack Pledge”

27 Oct


On October 7th YUI released her new single ‘It’s all too much / Never say die’ and it became No.1 on the Oricon Singles Ranking. Now YUI announced that she will start working on her next song. The new track will be part of a campaign to encourage high school students who are taking correspondence course programs. Students make oaths stating that they will constantly try to reach new heights for their future. The ‘attack pledges’ will be sent to YUI, and with those oaths in mind YUI will write a song to show support for those students.

YUI commented about the song, and also cheered on the students. “The song will become a reminder for both you and me to never forget our roots, our initial aggressiveness. Everyone goes through harsh and hard times, and it might seem easier to just give up. But I became what I am now today by facing and fighting those feelings. I sincerely encourage you to do the same. Let’s continue our drive forward!”

YUI is planning to finish writing the song by January 2010 (no schedules for the song’s release have been announced). The song will then be used in TV commercials for ‘進研ゼミ高校講座 / Shinken Zemi High School Course’ [correspondence course program] from January 2010. From among the students who sent ‘attack pledges’ 30,000 winners will get to download the truetone version of the song for free.